“It’s always darkest before the dawn”


This is a place for me to record the good people, places, things and moments in my life.

I have faced a number of ‘monkey wrenches in the works’ (the best synonym for ‘hurdle’ that Google has to offer) in the last few years. Either cause or effect of mental ill health, these ‘monkey wrenches’ leave me feeling isolated, alone and as though there isn’t anything good in my life for days or weeks at a time.

When I am able to float back up to the surface after a bout of depression, I can see that there are actually many people, things and moments that I love in my life. To make it easier to navigate through the dark fog I often find myself lost in, I thought I would make myself a blog which I can use to document anything in my life that makes me feel happy.

That way, when I can’t think of much that’s worth living for I can just come here and take a look at some words and pictures I’ve put together, to remind myself (as Florence Welch says herself) that there’s always darkness before the dawn. I will get out of this darkness, I will get better and I will enjoy the people, places, moments and things that are good in my life.