3. The Liverpool Sky


I’ve only just published my previous post about successful food experiments, but I’m feeling incredibly anxious and unsettled so I thought I’d try and iron those feelings out with a fresh post. I mean, I should have seen it coming really – when you’ve got problems associated with an eating disorder anything to do with food or eating just stirs up all sorts of feelings.

It’s frustrating really, as I’d been eating normal treaty foods for a few days feeling guilt free.. and now I’m fretting about seeds and porridge oats?! I suppose that’s partly why I’m finding these problems so difficult to overcome – they just don’t make much sense a lot of the time.

Anyhow, this post is dedicated to something I especially enjoyed while I lived on Kings Parade in Liverpool, right on the waterfront and just a few minutes’ walk from the infamous Albert Dock.


I have never experienced so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets anywhere else like I did during my year living in Liverpool. Looking back through my phone, I’ve taken hundreds of photos of countless skies. The amazing thing is, that each sky I took pictures of is completely different to the last…but just as astonishing.

Sometimes the water would be calm and lilac. Sometimes the kitchen would glow red as the sun went down. Sometimes I would be cooking my tea and go to look at the sunset in between chopping and stirring. The colours would be different each time I went to take a look!

The kitchen and my bedroom windows were great for capturing a photo of Liverpool’s skies. I would also often stand out by the water to take in the small sounds – the small splashes of the waves, the gentle chime of the stationary container ships on foggy days.

On the very first night of living in my flat on Kings Parade, I remember how I just couldn’t take my eyes off the sky and the water. As the sun went down late into the summer’s evening the mild blues and yellows turned to inky blues and smokey greys with lines of yellow lights coming from the other side of the water.


I was worried that this night was special and that I’d never get to see such an amazing sky again – it was just a happy coincidence that we’d moved in to see such a beautiful sunset. Luckily for me, living on the north west coast means that I could watch the sun set every single night.

I didn’t often see the sunrises in Liverpool because all our windows faced out to the west. On the occasions when I did witness it, I was treated to something equally as special.

In Liverpool the sun rises over Hope Street, home to the two grand cathedrals of the city. On a very early walk into work in early September of 2016, I witnessed the most spectacular sunrise I could ever have imagined seeing in a city environment.


With the Albert dock behind me on the walk to James Street station I was treated to red clouds pulling back from the city’s silhouette to reveal a clean morning sky. It didn’t last for long but it was well worth waking up early for.

I may add some more to this post but it’s now 22:52, and I need to get to bed so I can be up for my 9.00 lecture tomorrow. So here is a collection of my favourite Liverpool skies, all taken along Kings Parade.

I’m feeling much more balanced now, so I’m glad I wrote about the Liverpool skies before going to bed tonight. They’re something I spend a lot of time thinking about. I really miss living by the water and being able to enjoy this on my own or with other people. I will make more time for myself to go back and spend some time in Liverpool, because it really is a beautiful city in so many ways.

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