2. Successful Food Experiments

It’s Monday today – a day of work towards my final year project and a enjoying a stream of lovely surprise snow. It’s been the sort of snow that doesn’t settle, that you don’t need to avoid with a raincoat or an umbrella. I felt very serene walking to Wolfson today with little snowflakes falling all around.


Saying that, as I’m sitting in bed writing this the snowfall and wind seem to be picking up. I wonder if we’ll wake up to some settled snow in the morning?

Also, I saw a cute bolognese dog just looking out of a house window on the walk, which was nice.

This post is dedicated to those times when I play around with an idea for a meal or a baked good…and it turns into something delicious! This is one of the small pleasures that I am enjoying at the moment – so far in my experiments, I seem to be quite good at trying out new things and producing something edible.

Last night before bed I decided to try some ‘overnight oats’. I tried them once before when I was in Liverpool, but they didn’t really thicken properly. I ended up taking a cold milky oat mixture to the office and causing a porridge explosion in the microwave. 😦

Since this incident I realised that I probably needed to add some chia seeds to plump up the oat mixture into a thick porridge. Chia seeds are very expensive, but I bought some little chia seed shots in Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago I found reduced from £5.00 to £0.07!


Having recently bought some bananas and frozen blueberries, I mixed together one shot of the chia seeds with some porridge oats, half a banana, some blueberries, raisins, cinnamon and maple syrup in a big mixing bowl. I then poured the contents into my larger Nutribullet container (in case of expansion caused the chia seeds – I don’t quite understand how they work yet). So far, so good!

I popped these in the fridge ready for the morning and went upstairs to finish the day with some yoga, followed by bed.

In the morning I came downstairs to see if the oaty concoction had done anything interesting….and the result was good. The milk had absorbed nicely, and I found a very appetising breakfast awaiting me once I transferred the mixture into a bowl and topped with a sprinkling of granola.

I was anxious to eat it all as the recipe I based my experiment on uses double the amount of porridge oats I would usually let myself eat for breakfast – the bowl looked very full and I was tempted to throw half of it into the bin. But what would have been the worst thing that could happen? I’d be a bit fuller than usual, or I wouldn’t be able to finish it?

Anyway, it went down well with a cup of coffee – here is a nice picture taken just moments before I ate my experimental breakfast (featuring my lemon tree).


As much as I enjoyed eating this healthy and filling breakfast, I am going to have to reduce the amount of ingredients in it until my eating is more normal. Feeling fuller is something that isn’t sitting comfortably with me at the moment (especially with the extra energy chia seeds carry to a bowl of porridge) and I’ve been feeling anxious and unsure of what I’ve been eating all day following such a big breakfast.

However, little by little this is going to get easier – I just need to keep reminding myself that I really enjoy experimenting with ingredients and recipes until I get it just right for me. Who knows, once I’ve found the right recipe for me I may even add it into my ‘create your own recipe’ book. This is a present (brother) John gave me for my last birthday – I am enjoying building it up with recipes, and an overnight oats recipe would be very nice to add to it ready for the summer time.

My very own recipe book – when will ‘overnight oats’ join ‘Anna’s Bom Bom inspired triple chocolate cookies’??

I am feeling more anxious finishing this post than when I started it – probably a sign I should focus less on food in this blog for a while at least….but successful food experiments is still something good in my life, but maybe it’s better to think more about it when I’m feeling a bit more balanced about things. It’s okay, I’ll get there!



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