Finally, I did it!

This is my first ‘ever ever’ blog post. After much deliberation and wondering how to do it, I’ve finally created myself a blog.

I have faced a number of ‘monkey wrenches in the works’ (the best synonym for ‘hurdle’ that Google has to offer) in the last few years. Either a cause or effect of mental ill health, these ‘monkey wrenches’ leave me feeling isolated, alone and as though there isn’t anything good in my life for days or weeks at a time.

When I am able to float back up to the surface after a bout of depression, I notice that there are actually many people, things and moments that I love in my life. To make it easier to navigate through the dark fog I often find myself lost in, I thought I would make myself a blog which I can use to document anything in my life that makes me feel happy.

That way, when I can’t think of much that’s worth living for I can just come here and take a look at some words and pictures I’ve put together, to remind myself (as Florence Welch preached herself) that there’s always darkness before the dawn. I will get out of this darkness, I will get better and I will enjoy my life with the people and things I love.




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